Beta Test ✅

Beta Test ✅

10.31.23 - 5:03am

We opened the city last Thursday for a Beta Testing weekend. We wanted to stress test the city… see what else we needed to tweak before open… learn even more about the whole “owning an RP city” thing.


Let me stop right there…. Y’all. The amount of stuff that we have learned in the last couple months… it’s crazy. We knew more about what we wanted the city to feel like than we know about how to get there. We stumbled out the gate.. probably for about the first 6 weeks. I think we both had moments where we wondered if we’d ever make it to this day.


But we did. Somehow. We’ve already had a really fun beta test…. We have people joining the city every hour… we have PD, EMS, multiple gangs, DOJ, mechanics… and a city ready for everyone to fly into on Tuesday. How crazy to think about. We’re excited. We’re thankful for all the support.


It’s a bummer to keep hearing that we poached from other cities and how us opening is causing some people to lose friends. That sucks. We’ve kept clear of doing anything that could be considered shady… but people still make it up. I’ve had just as many people get mad that we DIDN’T invite them. Lol… can’t win… but we also can’t help that we’re building a community that people want to be a part of. We’ll just continue to wish everyone well, focus on our people, and grow a dope community. That’s all we really wanna do.

It’s 5am on the morning that we’ll open the city for good. We just logged off. I think we were in a discord for 15 hours. I picked this photo for the blog because I’ve never been in so many discord calls or shared my screen so much in my life. Half the time we’re there but working on something else. We fight like every 2/3 days. About something. Then we just move on. That’s one thing I think me and B are good at. We get pissed… say it to the other. Then get over it and move on.


Everyone’s so excited to fly in tomorrow. Feels good. We just don’t want to let people down. We’ve been working since the minute we turned the city off Sunday mornin.


Almost there…


T-minus 15 hours.



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