One thing I can tell you is that this story has been completely different than what we expected at EVERY turn. We sputtered out of the gate. We tripped on our lack of knowledge. We pulled ourselves outta some shit with our drive & constant refocus on the vision we had for this city. I don’t want to skip over that last part… you gotta refocus and REfocus and REFOCUS on your vision. Then you gotta go back randomly and see if it’s still in focus. Then listen to people that want to help you bring that focused vision into existence.

It’s tough.

But it’s worth it.

I find myself going back to one of me and Brian’s first conversations about building a city. We didn’t know much but the things we DID know were that we wanted to build a home for people to live their lifestyles in. We wanted to fight and fight to strategically build a city with as few headaches as possible. We wanted to build something that nostalgically feels like the RP vibes from the past. We wanted to grow a community, starting with OURSELVES that listens to each other and holds each other to a higher RP standard.

We’ve had to refocus on all those core principles. We’ve gotten off track… had to go get back on track. We’ve had people join the city that have encouraged our vision for the city… and we’ve had some that may never EVER be able to contribute that vision. But we “started on the right foot” according to a long time friend of mine.

The next steps are important and we know we’ll have to fight harder now that we got a good thing going… and we will… but before we start the next part of this adventure, we just wanna say that we are so HUMBLED. We think that, of ALL the resources that someone could spend with us, their TIME is absolutely the most valuable. So many people are spending their time with us, it’s incredible. We are honored that you want to spend your “fun time” or your “relax time” or your “time away from work”… with us.

We do not take it lightly. We will continue to fight to make this a healthy and fun home for our city residents. We promise!

I was in the middle of writing this blog post… and someone sent the screenshot of us hitting queue tonight. It’s just so humbling. Now people are waiting in line to get in… it’s kinda overwhelming when we think back on everything we’ve gone through to get here. And we hit queue before we even hit a week of being open…

Thank you to everyone who has gotten us here. To our staff… you guys have made this possible. We could NOT have done it without you. To our dev… bro… thank you for putting up with all my questions and stupid ideas. Lol. Honestly, I think you saw where this thing was going before WE did. Matter of fact, I was trying to save the money on the queue script and you were like… “eh. I don’t know. I think you guys should go ahead get it.” So we did… never in a million years did we think we’d need it on day SIX of being open.

Normally I write from the “we” perspective because me and B are a team… through the good or bad. But I’m just gonna say this one mushy thing and keep it movin..

Me and you definitely had some hurtful personal shit happen early on. For both of us. And we both could have thrown in the towel and NO ONE would have blamed us for it. But bro… I was able to push through my shit because I have watched you sacrifice a lot for this build. Even when our personal trust was shaken, I never doubted your commitment to this vision. I’m a person that’s very confident in my work ethic and commitment to people and the things I believe in. It’s RARE that I get to work with a leader that will sacrifice parts of themselves for the good of a community. I’m so fkn proud of you for your commitment to our vision.

I’m fkn proud of us… we pulled it off 🥹

Now let’s get back to work… ✊🏽❤️

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