“Sam I Am”

“Sam I Am”

“Sam I Am”


That’s what they call me in the diss track. Lol. Yeah… there’s a diss track out now about the video game city that we made. Hundreds of hours of hard work. Dozens and dozens of conversations about “doing the right thing” and “staying in our lane” and “avoiding toxicity”. And we did all that… and still got a diss track made about Synergy. It’s kinda wild but it’s all good. Oh you wanna hear it? Lemme grab the link for you.




I got people telling me stuff like “if they don’t hate you, you didn’t make it.” Lol… I guess. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Never really made sense to me, but ok. The only real rumor that I really care about is that they are saying that we got their city shutdown. Somehow. We didn’t. Obviously. I don’t even know the first thing about reporting a city or going through the effort to figure it out… but the truth is way different than y’all might think.


I know the truth isn’t “dramatic” and people will watch a toxic rant on a stream faster than they’ll try to figure out what the truth really is… but… that’s never been me.


Truth is… I been prayin for Townsend’s success ever since June of 2021. Like.. regularly. And I haven’t stopped. I’ve never even had a THOUGHT in the direction of harm towards him. Seriously. Some of y’all reading this were in his stream way back then… when a no name RP paramedic got thrust into the spotlight. That paramedic would become Dr. Sammy later that day.


I had JUST started kinda streaming… i had written and recorded a podcast called “Angels In My Eyes”. Imma link that for y’all too because most of you don’t even know that I’m a writer and a Pastor. I’m those things IN REAL LIFE lol… I just play a doctor and police commissioner on TV. And I barely stream.


The Angels In My Eyes


But Townsend streamed the podcast. He called me over to the Lux dealership in Metaworld 1.0… and God moved. I can’t even describe it as anything different than a miracle because you had 2 grown ass men who never met each other, sitting there in a video game… crying. I was overwhelmed that he had just said that “God told him to pay for 3 months of my rent”. He was emotional because what I had written had reminded him, and a lot of people about how important this FiveM role-play shit can be for peoples lives. We connected very deeply that day. I couldn’t be anything less than forever grateful to him and Boog for the way they helped me then.


So then… how’d you open up a city in competition with him Dr. Sammy???


That’s a great question. But the answer isn’t my favorite explanation. First of all, never even thought of it as competition. I mean… we’re two complete rookies at this. But after that blessed and highly favored day where we connected in Meta… we just never really connected any deeper. I wanted to. Trust me. I wasn’t just blown away by what he did for me, I was a fan too! I thought his content was fun and funny and I respected him as a business man, etc. We just never got much closer. I offered to help. When Metaworld fell apart, I knew Boog had a lot of ppl to help him with the EMS Side of things… so I opened the hospital at All In 1.0 and 2.0. I created the best EMS team ever to play in any FiveM Role Play city (periodt). I did my absolute best for him. We became cordial… but not really much more.


I began to feel like maybe I was overstepping my boundaries with the amount of advice and support I was trying to give. I had explained, to no avail, that I had years and years of business experience before my injuries… specifically with nightclubs witch STRONGLY resembles the business model of FiveM cities…but it fell on deaf ears. It was him and his girl.. and that’s it. And I couldn’t even be mad about it. I wished them well. I continued to pray for them and their success. I continued to randomly let him know that I’m prayin for him. I still do.


I’m not even trippin on the diss track. I been callin myself Sam I Am all day. Lol


I got real life shit goin on, though. Not just video game drama. What a lot of people don’t know is that I just had my 6th surgery last Monday. I been more concerned about trying to WALK again than trying to take away from a man that I’ll always respect for the help he gave me. I tried to talk with him many times about my thoughts to open a city but he was too busy.


And that’s fine. I get it.


But, Brian offered me an opportunity to partner with him equally… even though I haven’t had a job or income in 3 years, so I couldn’t front the cash for the build. He invited me into a business partnership based on my knowledge of all things whitelisted. He gave me a voice and listened to the vision I had for a city. He gave me a way to put food on my table. My vision and my partners vision for a role play city that is a “lifestyle” city … meshed. It had Synergy. It was an opportunity that any grown man would take and make the most of. So that’s what we did.


We had no idea that it would be a threat to anyone. Or take anything from anyone. We’ve always talked about how there’s room for everyone to eat. We’ve never poached. We’ve never stolen. We’ve never talked shit. We’ve just created. That’s it. Created. Instead of destroying. That’s all we wanna do. Create.


Townsend, I’ll always pray for you, bro. Always. God used you in one of the worst times of my life and I’ll be forever indebted to you for your obedience to listen to God’s instruction that day. Thank you for the opportunities you’ve given me. I wished we could have worked on something together. I’m sorry that people have lied to you about anything that we’ve done. We didn’t. My partner and I actually have an agreement to NOT talk about what anyone else is doing because it takes our energy out of our own project. You know how much energy this shit takes. Matter of fact, when you opened your most recent city, I specifically said… this dude just did, in 3 days, what we fumbled to get done  in 3 months. Salute. 🫡  GGs. Y’all got it bro. Wishing you continued success.


One quick… last… thing.


GamingWithBucko… I subscribed to you on twitch 5+ months ago because of how proud of you I was. I subscribed to you with no job and no income. (Yeah, you can go and look… I’m still subscribed.) Why? Cuz, like I told you back then… I know what this street shit can be like. I’m WAY older than you, but 25 years ago, I was in the streets too. And I didn’t have a creative outlet like GTA RP. I didn’t HAVE a safe place to get in a gunfight cuz all the shit that was around me was literally dangerous. You have RP. And you are very talented at it. And even though I knew it was not a lotta money, I wanted that lil $5 sub to remind you that I believe in you AND I believe in what you could be. I don’t know who talked bad about your friend Townsend… but it wasn’t me or my partner or my staff.


Nah. I didn’t appreciate the way you disrespected women in my city or the way you went about any of that. Disappointed. But I’m not trippin. I forgive you and imma pray for you too g. Actually already have been, g. 


oh and the photo for this blog was from Meta 1.0. We used Zonah there. We chose Zonah as the hospital of Synergy as kind of a tribute to what Boog and Town did. All love. No shade ova here 🫡




If you made it this far, I just wanna encourage you to remember that this FiveM shit is just supposed to be a video game. It’s supposed to be FUN y’all. Fun. It’s supposed to be an escape from the difficult the toxic mess that the world is in. It’s supposed to be a connector of friends… not a destroyer of relationships. Do not let your environment dictate who you are friends with based on what server they play in. It’s always blown me away how toxic that shit is. I’ve lost more “friends” that I can count, at this point because every time a city opens up there’s this weird tension about where other people play their video game at.


Like. Chill. It’s not that deep.


There are incredible people in every city. There can be ‘BFFs for life’ in every city. There are laughs and love in every city. People need to be more courageous in their fight for love and peace and joy… it doesn’t HAVE to be toxic or drama to form bonds with people. Matter of fact, if y’all want me to prove it I could definitely do the “Pastor thing” here. 😂 But there are parables in the Bible about the type of ground that your seeds are planted in. Healthy soil allows the roots to go deep and take hold and last. Toxic environments are like trying to grow a seed on a paved road or on some rocks… the roots MAY sprout, they MAY try to take hold… but at some point, it’ll probably all be washed away in the storms of life.


Y’all better not get me to preachin right now. Lol.


Y’all be blessed.


  • Sam I Am



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