The Journey to Synergy RP

The Journey to Synergy RP

Hi! I’m Sammy. 👋🏽

Some people know me as Dr. Sammy.  I’m an RP doctor that has had the pleasure of building some incredible EMS teams out there. I got my start in Metaworld 1.0. That’s where I met this guy 👉🏽

This is Brian. He’s my partner on this city build. He’s an RP gang leader that I’ve known for 2.5 years, now. He became a good friend of Sammy’s by dying a lot. 😂 He always bought the fast cars and forgot to put on his seat belt. We would stand at Zonah or at Cat Cafe for hours, just talkin. Giving every single person around us hilarious RP for hours.

His car wrecks gave us the opportunity to meet, but I think we became friends cuz we kinda have a similar WAY that we interact with people. We like it when people are happy and comfortable around us. We’re both leaders. We love it when we get a chance to be a part of someone’s growth or development. We like to make people laugh. We like to RP… a lot.

We’re also very different. Those differences add more ideas and opportunities to hear things that we might not have been able to come up with alone. I think I’m good at what he’s not good at and he’s good at what I’m not good at. We have good synergy. 🤷🏽‍♂️

But why open a city?

Great question. I think we always liked how a good RP environment can actually feel like home for people. We like the elements of RP that feel like a lifestyle choice. We just want to make a city that feels like home for people. We want our city to have some nostalgic feels from other epic cities that a lot of us know. We want to build a community that feels empowered and responsible for the civilians in it. We want to put role-play over rule-play.  (That’s the goal 🤞🏽)

We know it’s going to be difficult because the RP community is all over the place right now. There are so many trolls. So many toxic people and situations out there… we just wanna try to fly above all that…

The real world is hard enough… we just make a place where people can have some fun.

Why call it Synergy?

The Synergy Logo kinda has a Ying and Yang logo in it. Me and Brian are kinda like that with what we bring to the city. Sammy is the nerd that is locked in with the whitelisted side and Brian’s the cool guy that runs the gang RP and knows crim culture. We have good synergy to what we bring to the city. Imagine how dope it would be to RP in a city where you remembered  that role-play is SO much better when everyone is having fun around you, too.

We think we can get there as a community if we remember how much enjoyment we can all have if we focus on the Synergy of RP.

Welcome home.

Brian and Sammy


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