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Mech Shop Supporter

Mech Shop Supporter

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In-game business or mech shop - please open a ticket BEFORE purchase to confirm availability :)

    • $75/month - no refunds for any reason
    • Business Owner Role
    • Silver Level Prio
    • Financial Support Program for start up costs
    • Start Up Kit Custom to each business



    • Must open the business at LEAST 10 hours per week
    • Must use the business for the benefit of the city
    • Can choose to be a green-zone or not, but MUST comply w/ it
    • Will be asked to vacate if business is not used for 9 days
    • Businesses will be sold “as is” unless negotiated w/ an owner


  • Between, payment cycles, if you are unable or uninterested in running the business for the community, open up a ticket and we can suspend your subscription. No problem. 

    **Benefits are subject to seizure and removal if you are found to be abusing your privileges. Donations do not exempt you from the rules. We do not offer refunds for any reason.

    **If a payment is skipped or missed for any reason, we reserve the right to repossess the business. 

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